If you can set aside ONE hour a day then Sarah Staar can show you the very latest ways to make $300 a day – almost guaranteed

To live comfortably, I reckon you need to bring in $100,000 a year. Divide that by 365 days and you get to $300 a day. $300 a day is all you need to earn to change your life and that of your family.That sounds very doable, doesn’t it?!

So Sarah Staar is calling her new event the $300 A Day Fast Track Workshop.
She will be teaching over 3 days.

She will be teaching new material.
She will be teaching in a new way.
You’ll have a lot of fun.

…and you’ll leave with simple step-by-step strategies you can implement in as little as an hour each weekday to bring in $300 A Day in the USA.

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Some kind words from previous attendees…

ian-testimonial-250x166Ian McGlone says:
“Sarah is ‘the honest face in the room’ in a world of scam merchants. With Sarah, there is no fluff. She says, “This is how you do it: 1, 2, 3.” I love that about her.
“I have been making great progress with my online business but I needed a ‘dose of Sarah’ to get greater clarity, learn her new insights, find some shortcuts, and boost my confidence to keep taking the next step and the next. “I live in Scotland, but I flew down to London to spend three days with Sarah. I am so glad I did because the workshop was stunning. The blueprint that Sarah revealed was superb. A real eye opener.”
Philip Lord flew over from Australia just for the London event! He says,“I love Sarah’s products and was very excited to be traveling from the other side of the world to spend three days with her. Her workshop was a brilliant investment in time and money. She was so clear in her explanations, and I am certain I learned the very latest, cutting-edge material.  I learned to think the way she does so I can cut through the clutter and take action. Plus I met some of the most amazing people.
You simply must book to learn her secrets in Florida in November!”
robert-250x185Robert Aitchison is a very modest, softly-spoken man. He says, “Basically I am a lazy person, and I look for shortcuts. Sarah is brilliant at showing where the smartest shortcuts are. In the first five months of 2015 I made $21,000 in commissions.

All I do is spend 10-15 minutes a day to keep an eye on things.
If I can make great money online, then anyone can. Do whatever it takes to ensure you go to Florida in November.”

Read, watch and listen to attendees testimonials

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Hi, my name is Philip Lord, I’m from Sydney Australia, and I’ve just flown in to London to attend Sarah’s workshop. And it is fantastic. It is jammed packed with value I’ve just been blown away by the constant. Besides I’ve learned so much today. My business is about affiliate marketing, and my website is freevideowebsite.ws. So I would highly recommend that you all do whatever you can to find Sarah’s material or attend one of her workshops.
It is absolutely fantastic.
cassie-hicks-kerrHi I’m Cassie Hicks from mmspark.com, and this is day one here at the Sarah Staar event and it’s so fantastic. I’m going to have to bring a new notebook tomorrow cause I’ve taken so many notes. I got so many ideas it’s been a brilliant day I can’t wait to come back tomorrow. I’ve known Sarah for quite a long time, but I’ve never been on a training course before. Sarah is one of these peoples who comes with so much integrity, and that’s quite rare in the internet marketing world. Sarahs made things really simple, also cross to the more experienced marketers, there have been some really advanced strategies as well. I can’t wait to come tomorrow. If you’re not following Sarah Staar, then you should be. You really should be. So thank you, Sarah. I’m going to bring my new notebook tomorrow so I can take loads and loads of notes. It’s been a brilliant day. Thank you very much.
alex-gordonHi, my name is Alex Gordon, I’ve got a website called masteryourmessage.co.uk. I’m a speaker by profession but just has one of those fascinations for the internet. I’ve known about Sarah for about 18 months. It took me about 12 months before I actually took the step to register in her program because I figured that I knew something, but I did no know everything. Now, the License Partner Program I’ve stepped into and started learning different things, watching the videos. I’ve come here today, and this is the first day and my mind being blown away. The strategies for being on the internet, for developing your products, of product creation techniques. Just a simple things that sometimes you complicate because you think “I’m going to be a TV star, I got to be like the guys on television”, but now I realize: all I got to do is be myself. I’m amazed. If you want to tune into this, come to the program, comes to the workshops and find out about Sarah Staar’s program. It’s an amazing program for everybody. You find something for yourself
paradee-thomasHi, I’m Paradee Thomas, and I’m from Melbourne Australia. It took me 36 hours door to door to get here but it’s all worth it, and the reason I came is because I want to learn from Sarah. What I found with Sarah’s teaching is that she keeps things really simple so she can break a complex subject down to very-very simple steps, and that’s what I like. My website is paradeethomas.com, and I’ve just written a book that I publish on Amazon. What I want to do is to be able to make money on the internet following Sarah’s teaching and this is just day one and I love it. You should come too the next time. Thanks.
robertHello my name is Robert and I’m here at Sarah Staar’s event today and it’s the first day, she have covered a lot of things I hadn’t known before and special about YouTube and getting the videos ranked, something I’ve not done before and I can’t wait until tomorrow and Sunday when we learn even more things from Sarah. So big thank you, Sarah, and I can’t wait for next two days. Thank you.