Product Creation Mastermind was an event that Sarah Staar hosted in London, where five full time internet marketers presented how they plan, create (or outsource) information products or software, that can take as little as an hour to make, and sell online to make them money day in and day out for a long time.

If you are interested and want to get tips and information on how the “Doers” do it, this video on product creation is definitely for you. They will tell you in detail how they find a hungry and affluent group of people willing to buy such information, and how they produce it – and put it on the market as quickly as possible.  Click To Buy It Now – even if it’s 2AM.


When you buy Product Creation Mastermind today, you will also get a complete transcript of the mastermind session i PDF, as well as a mp3 audio file you can listen to while you work out, or drive to work.

BONUS 1 & 2

As a bonus, you get the complete (1) “Millionaire Video Interview”,  a series of interviews Sarah Staar did with some of the most respected in the internet marketing business. You also get (2) mp3 audio files of the video content.


Get instant access to the Product Creation Mastermind videos and bonus files, and start making your products and sell for profit online.  You can build your Digital “real estate” in a matter of days, that can make you money day in and day out for years to come.