How to sell affiliate products is a  FREE 5-SET video course   that cover many real-world scenarios for starting and growing an affiliate business into a full-time income, promoting other people’s products.

This course is especially suited for anyone without any knowledge of affiliate marketing, or those just starting out in the affiliate marketing world. The video series How to Sell Affiliate Products is better and cover more ground than many paid products I have seen on the subject.


The presenter Sarah Staar is consistently making over $15.000 each and every month from affiliate marketing alone and have been working full-time online since 2008. You can trust she knows what works – and what you should avoid doing as an affiliate, as she is handing you her own blueprint on how to earning a living as an affiliate.


Here is a summary of what you will get in this free course:

Video 1:How To Find a Lucrative Niche (8:26 mins.)
This video covers the basic principles of deciding on a profitable niche or niche markets and covers the most profitable niches online.

Make sure you ideally find your personal sub-niche from this list.The content in this FREE video is of exceptionally high-quality.

I seriously wish I had access to this information when I began in Affiliate Marketing many years ago!

Video 2: Finding Affiliate Products To Advertise (11:13 mins.)
This video elaborate in greater depth on researching niches for available monetisation tactics, for example finding suitable affiliate products to advertise.

And how you can discover any problems people in that niche might have, and finding products that would solve those problems.

Video 3: Free Traffic! (14:09 mins.)
Understand the commonsources for FREE Traffic in this! Learn the pros and cons of direct linking to affiliate products, or for building an email list.

Video 4: A Beginners Guide to Facebook Advertising (9:55 mins.)
In this video you learn about facebook posts, pages and audiences, together with the different kinds of ads you can place, for instance newsfeed, right-hand side ads or “Dark Posts”.

Video 5: Facebook Pay-Per-Click Advertising (24:03 min.)
This is the longest video as it goes into great detail of how to construct effective Facebook campaigns which are laser-targeted at your exact audience.

Close-guarded strategies are freely divulged together with in-depth coverage of using the “Power Editor” and “Dark Posts” to get the best results.

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