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Many have said that these free Sarah Staar video courses are too valuable to be given away for free. But Sarah wants to get as many as possible to see how easy it is to make money online when you follow a proven blueprint. There are many ways to succeed, and here she reveals some of the tactics that make her money today.

She has been working full-time online since 2007 and is now making over $15.000 per month in affiliate commission alone, and earn over $500.000 a year from her home.

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Her students are raving about the way she teaches; fully transparent, with nothing held back, and you can implement the strategies she reveals today. Read the testimonials below from previous workshops, and you will understand why we all love her.

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Philip Lord says:
“The workshop was fantastic… jam packed with value… I’m blown away by the content.”

Alex Gordon says:
“My mind has been blown away. I’m amazed. Come to her workshop!”

Paradee Thomas says:
“Sarah breaks complex subjects into simple steps. I’m loving it!”

Cassie Hicks says:
“I’ve taken so many notes. Fantastic. Sarah has so much integrity.”

Robert Aitchison says:
“She covered loads of things I didn’t know before. A big thank you to Sarah.”