Copy and Profit Blueprint

A Free Instructional Video tutorial describing the simple process you can start today to make money online.

In short – it’s all about reverse engineering  (- see what the best are doing-) and clone successful affiliate campaigns that can bring in $100 – $200 or more a day.

Do you think you could learn something from spying on how the best affiliate marketers are earning their living?

Of course, you can!

In this FREE video series Sarah Staar shows how you can reverse engineer successful affiliate campaigns, so you can clone (or be inspired by how and what they are doing), and then watch the money start rolling in.

This simple strategy is what the Clone and Profit Blueprint Course is all about, and Sarah is describing the process in graphic details in this free video.

Sarah Staar shows exactly how you can get a quick payday by following this simple blueprint. And do it over and over again.

Step 1: Choosing a Niche/Market and Product to promote

This step shows in details how to find the most profitable niche by “spying” on the top people in the business.
It also gives the steps to follow and reveal the secret online sites and tools you can use to build your own mailing list within your niche (Remember the old but oh so true saying: The Money is in the list!)

Step 2: Get Traffic

See how Sarah “Reverse Engineer” what the top earners are doing to drive a tsunami of traffic, and how you can cut corners and spy on your competitors to find what they are doing. The all you have to do is to implement it in your own campaigns.

Remember: Paid traffic is more “scalable” than free traffic. Sarah explains how she (and you) can get targeted traffic for pennies.

Even though this is a free video course, all will agree that the quality of the up-to-date information you’ll get is of the same high standard that got Sarah Staar’s marketing courses raving fans.
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