Aren’t-you irritated with your 9-5 job?
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Beginners Blueprint is for those wanting to get out of the cubicle in a trivial job you see no future in.  If this is you, you’re at the right time and at the right moment because today things can dramatically change for you … read on to discover HOW YOU can make your first $100 thanks to the power of the Internet.

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I hate hype just as much as you do, so first of all let me say that today you’re not going to find a “miraculous” system that will make you thousands overnight.
Those people who are behind these BOLD and EXAGGERATED promises are always the same dishonest people-heartless scam artists who are only trying to take advantage of you.

However, Sarah Staar will reveal a method that will enable beginners to earn their first $100 online without the usual B.S.that floats around the Internet marketing niche.

I know what you’re thinking …

“0h, that’s great, but I do not have the necessary skills to make it happen… besides, I already tried every thing and it didn’t work.”

I’m sorry, but I have to totally disagree with you, since background or experience doesen’t matter. YOU can make it happen not later, not next week … BUT TODAY!

“You have no need for More Excuses That Lead You Through The Failure Path – You’ll need a Plan, And Fortunately, I Have It HERE For You TODAY”

Let me ask you two quick questions …

Would it affect your current life style if you’d crank out $100 every day on complete autopilot? Would you have more time for yourself and your family?

If you answered affirmatively, then you definitely should really continue reading this letter, because this is definitely possible.

But to tell the truth, there is some work involved.

As pointed out, I don’t have a “magical” solution that will make you thousands over night while you sit back and relax drinking a pina colada on some Caribbean beach.

I hate to be so straight-forward, but the thing is that those kind of things only happens in the imagination of those fraudsters that are trying to get away with dream-selling activities.
You may not like what you’re listening to right now, and I think that’s something positive, because doing so will save you tons of money at some point.

“Enough Is Enough; It’s Time To Say NO To Some Of The False Gurus That Are Selling Useless Products!”

I want to save you the time, so that’s why, today, I want to help you.


How to make your $100 online without complicating your life.

The 6 secret blueprint that will enable you to develop a proper and income-generating web business.

Methods to generate traffic to any offer you want to promote.

The best way to create profitable websites that will bring you money on complete auto-pilot.

How to work with techniques that WORK not just outdated methods that won’t take you anywhere.

And a lot more!


Sarah’s About To Reveal A Method For Newbies Which will Put Them In The Fast Track To Online Wealth

You see, it’s time to finally make the kind of income that you’ve always wanted.You know that the Internet offers you an unlimited and unadulterated world of money-making opportunities, but it makes you feel confused, dazzled, and puzzled.

That’s going to change, because she’s here to show you the real strategy to make REALISTIC money off the lntemet, by applying easy-to-use methods that WORK.

You won’t find “theories that may work” or “hypothetical tactics.”

Leave that to unscrupulous and shady marketers; Sarah’s a responsible person, and she would hate herself for selling lousy products to her loyal customers.

You’re about to get hold of her personal strategy that’s proven to work again and again again, with the precision of a Swiss watch.

It”s important that you notice that what she teach will never get saturated, and besides, it’s something that she has been doing since she was a beginner to the whole Affiliate marketing game.
Now, prepare the drumroll, because I’m introducing

Sarah Staar’s “Beginners Blueprint”

An amazing and mind-blowing system that contains more than 16 HD videos where you can learn step-by-step methods to make you first $100 in almost no time!

How you can get started in record time. She will take you by the hand and show you how you can get started TODAY.

The same effective and revolutionary methods that will enable you to make your very own profitable internet business quickly and easily.

Out-of-the-box strategies to find buyers who will be ready to buy from you – in order to make money, you definitely need buyers. This section of the training will show you exactly how to get that!

How to transform your $100 into $200, and $200 into $300, and repeat as many times as you want – over and over. You’ll learn the EXACT methods that Sarha use in her business. No hype, no BS. She is going to take you step-by-step and teach you the very same methods and procedures that she herself use in her business!

The REAL way to build a solid internet business from the ground up and the best thing is that the online business WIII be scalable.

How to develop a residual income stream and get paid again and again for strategies that you only have to apply once.

30-day Money-back guarantee – You can try her program risk-free as she’s offering a solid 30-day money-back guarantee.


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If you are a complete beginner, this is the definitive course that will put you on the right track to online success.

Beginners Blueprint” will provide all of the necessary tools that will enable you to experiment for yourself what it is like to make your first $100 online, and what’s more interesting, HOW you can replicate the process over and over again.

As many times as you want.

And this is what I call “A Real Business”.

All Of This Sounds Really Fantastic And I’m Really Enthusiastic About It… But I’d Like To Know More About The Coach.

Her name is Sarah Staar, and she is a successful Online marketer who makes her living on the Internet, and reaching the six-figure profit mark each and every year.

You see, when it comes to Marketing Online, she truly know everything in order to create a profitable online businesses and keep it producing income month after month.

She is the producer of ”YouTube Hijack”, an Intenet Marketing product that sold over 1,000 copies in just 30 days.

She is also well known for her seminars and workshops in United Kingdom, and these events usually have over 150 attendees each and every month. These seminars are not cheap, mainly because of the quality content and up-to-date information that she provide).

One of Sarah Staar’s passions is video marketing, and she teach her students the ultimate and most powerful strategies that generate results.

I could go on and on about my skills, but that wouldn’t make sense, because this is all about YOU and YOUR success.

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“Beginners Blueprint”


This is the main part of the course, and it contains over 4 HD videos where you will discover the fastest (and easiest) way to generate you $100 without writing surveys, without sending emails, and without complicated techniques. I must remind you that all of the strategies, techniques and methods that I show you in these exciting and money-making videos are up-to-date to the current internet marketing scene. In this module, you’ll discover…

  • How to create your own successful online business and how to generate $100 per day with it.
  • How to drive BUYER traffic to your offers.
  • How to NOT depend on Google and how this can bring negative consequences to your online business.
  • The new money-making strategies that can make you even more money.
  • How to exploit and unleash the power of Forum Marketing, blog commenting and other effective traffic-generating strategies.
  • “The Affiliate Hijack Method” – A powerful method that will generate quick cash… I’m talking about  making money within days.
  • How to cash-in thanks to BIG products launches and get your slice of the pie.
  • How to use Video Marketing to your advantage in order to generate money quickly and easily.
  • And much more!

As I said, all of the videos are HIGH QUALITY, and you can actually see me teach LIVE all the methods that made me a lot of money over years, and now, are going to help you to generate money from the comfort of your own home.

 BONUS #1:


If you want to make money online, you MUST use WordPress, as this FREE blogging platform is one of the most complete out there. Thousands upon thousands of successful marketers are using WordPress, and it you want to be just like them, you need to master and know everything about this famous blogging platform. In this module, I will teach you the secrets behind WordPress, and how you can use them to YOUR advantage. The module contains 12 HD videos.

You’re about to learn how to

  • Install WordPress
  • Add fantastic, professional and eye-catching themes.
  • Make the most out of posts and pages
  • Use images to jazz up your blog
  • Use permalinks in order to receive some “Google Love”
  • Which plugins you need so you can “supercharge” your blog (I will also show you how the Adsense Plugin works)
  • Use the “Ping Optimizer” plugin for massive traffic.
  • Secure your WordPPress blog against hackers and other curious people
  • Use the tinyMCE plugin – a life-saving tool that will make your blogs look better
  • Add the “Contact us” and Privacy Policy” pages quickly and easily
  • And much more!




If you secure a copy of Beginners Blueprint.” you’re going to get a super bonus for FREE – “Outsourcing Secrets”. In this video, six successful internet market masters (including myself) will reveal their secrets when it comes to outsourcing, and how you can do nothing and still earn money thanks to your workers. If you want to hire people to do the hard work for only $5, or just get a full-time assistant for only $250 a month, then this video is just for you..






beginners-blueprint-transcript-MP3 If you’re the type of person that loves hearing and reading, then I’m sure this special bonus will delight you.

All of the videos are transcribed in several PDF files, and the audios are converted to MP3’s, so you can listen to them over and over again in your MP3 player.


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It’s really that easy!

I just want you to be totally jazzed up and excited (and make money of course) with “Beginners Blueprint” – or ask for your money back.