Affiliate Formula X is in my view, the “Gold Scale” of internet marketing tutorials. Not so much due to its span, as many other similar books have more strategies listed. But the strategies you find in this guide is time-tested and simple to implement. You get a comprehensive list of resources, both free and paid, that will make your work more effective. and reduce the time you must put into setting up your business.

At first sight, $197 might seem to be a bit expensive, compared to the many “Make Money Online” products in the $17 – $97 price range. But if you are like me, you probably have your hard disk filled to the brim with these type of courses.

After 20 years in this “make money online” business, I have seen them all.

To me, the Affiliate Formula X product is in a different category. You don’t find any over-hyped “secret loopholes” or “Push-Button to Instant Riches” tactics. Just sound and serious advice on how to ethically build a long term job replacing income online. Written by a full-time marketing expert who have been there and have walked the walk and talked the talk.”

What makes Affiliate Formula X stand out – and (in my opinion) justify the Premium price, is the way the content is structured and presented. With clear and step-by-step recommendations on how to start, grow and develop an online business. The course and the information are instantly actionable and easy to follow.

You will get process maps and blueprints built on REAL experience and REAL results, not some regurgitated theory compiled from different outdated sources. Sarah Staar has clearly “walked the walk” and speak from experience when she tell you what works – and what you should stop (or avoid) doing.

The whole course is well structured and streamlined with a clear goal; to give you the best strategies, tools and tactics available for a viable, long-term and growing REAL online business.

On top of that, Sarah over-deliver with the added bonuses. You will (among other things) get one-on-one coaching with Sarah Staar personally, when the time comes that you need a professional input on what you are doing.

Another thing that makes Affiliate Formula X stand out from the rest of the Online Marketing products is how transparent Sarah Staar is when presenting the different strategies.  With in-depth step-by-step blueprints and process maps that make it easy to follow along and implement the advanced strategies in your next project.

Her straight forward and no-fluff presentation of the content is without hype or exaggerated promises, just simple paint-by-number advice for how you can build a viable and long term business online – in the shortest time possible.

You will learn the inside of advanced online marketing from a seasoned expert who hold nothing back. Both in terms of what to do to build a money-making online business that will give you the income and lifestyle you want, and (just as important) what NOT to do to avoid losing money and waste your time.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Affiliate Formula X.

Among the topics covered in Affiliate Formula X you will find –

  • Niche Research
  • Market Research
  • Keyword Planning
  • High-ticket Products to Promote
  • Link Cloaking
  • List Building
  • Building Opt-in Pages, and Thank-You pages
  • Domains Set-up and Hosting

There is much emphasis on Traffic Generation, as traffic is vital for your business success, so you will get advice on –

  • Forum marketing
  • Content Syndication
  • Flickr Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Using Yahoo Answers for Traffic
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • How to get traffic from Pinterest
  • List Building with Solo Ads and SafeSwaps
  • – and much more.

You can also access a Resources section with links to marketing tools that could supercharge your marketing success.

The WordPress section has 12 videos on building WordPress websites, giving you detailed information on subjects like –

  • How to select the best themes and plug-ins for your website.
  • How to format posts, pages and images for fast loading and display.
  • How to set permalinks for best Search Engine ranking.

– and other vital information for building your WordPress sites.

Sarah Staar will walk you through how to make your site compliant with Google’s Terms and Conditions, hwo to get your website ranked high in searches, how to be accepted into the Google Adsense Display network and how to promote your site with Google Adwords.

I especially liked the list-building section, with the blueprint on how to build a list fast, covering all steps involved, including how to create a lasting and rewarding relationship with your subscribers.

The video format makes it easy to follow, as you go through the content in a step-by-step manner so You can easily pause the video while you implement each step.

This course is packed with Golden Nuggets which can be implemented in your own business. Things like –

  • “How split testing will increase your revenues permanently.”
  • “How to create an email sequence that will turn your subscribers into buyers.”
  • “Tools to help automate your business as much as possible.”

You will also get a thorough overview over the best traffic generating methods available, with recommendations to which to choose at different stages of your promotion.

I have found SO many golden nuggets I could implement right away in my business.

Buy Affiliate Formula X with a 30 Day Guarantee.

Last but not least, the course comes with a –

No-Questions-Asked 30-day Money-Back-Guarantee.