200 Day Workshop is a video recording from one of Sarah Staars live workshops.

Sarah Staar is one of the leading Internet Marketing coaches and top earners.

In this ¤200 Day Workshop video course, she reveals how she makes a full-time living working online. She shows in detail the easy processes in her business that completely revolutionized the way she does business.

When she sat her first coal in online marketing, it was the “usual” – to make $100 a day. This is what most aspiring affiliate marketers have as a goal when starting out.

But she soon realized that her real goal – which eventually changed everything, was to set the goal higher – to make between $150 and $200 a day.

And when she achieved that goal, a lot of people kept asking her: “Sarah – how do you do it? What is the process?”. When she went to live events and told people she had this fool-proof system of making $200 a day, people kept badgering her, wanting to know exactly how she did it.

So a few months ago she set up a high-end workshop in central London for some of her top mentored students. People paid hundreds of dollars to come to this workshop, and some people paid a lot more, as they had to fly in and stay overnight at a hotel.

In this one day workshop, she went through her complete blueprint, step by step and showed exactly how anyone can make $200 a day.


Just Watch some of the attendee’s testimonials below. They are all from real people having just attended her workshop. As they all testify, the content she gave away during the day was fantastic, and you can see how pleased people were overall. A general comment was “I would have paid ten times more-”

Today you get an incredible offer!
Usually, Sarah sells these videos for $97, but today she’s offering them for only $12. This is an incredibly limited offer – you won’t find it anywhere else on the internet.

The “$200 a day” video collection is the Full One Day Workshop, where she teach everything you need to do. Step by step, with no filler of fluff. So easy that even complete beginners – who have never made any money online can follow, taking them right through to making $200 a day.

And the best part is that once you know the system and the blueprint for making $200 a day, it is very easy to replicate that over and over to add more and more income. The possibilities are endless.

So your first step to learning how to make $200 a day is to click on the link below.

Let the $200 a Day attendees tell about the workshop

5300kpsqtp-3-default-splashJust had an absolutely mind-blowing day with more information than I can possibly cope with – BUT simple, well explained and MORE stuff than I have packed into any event I’ve been to. Very – very well organized, inspiring – absolutely first-grade stuff. Brilliant!
7300kpsqtp-3-default-splashI’ve just been to Sarah Staar’s excellent course on how to make $200 a day. I’ve learned so much and I’ve had three real gems and three key insights, and I know that when I go back and put it into practice, I definitely know that I will earn back the cost of this course within half a day – not even a day.
I’ve been to the $200 a day with Sarah Staar, and she was amazing. I have learned so much. I thought I knew a lot, but the gold I walk away with is just phenomenal, and I know that I can walk away today and put it into practice. And it’s not as difficult as I thought. It’s just commitment to make sure you follow through and do exactly what she said. So if you can get on to one of Sarah Staar’s workshops – please do! I highly-highly recommend it. No fluff, all content. Brilliant. So thank you Sarah!
4300kpsqtp-3-default-splashI’ve just attended Sarah Staars workshop $200 a day all day today, I’ve learned some fantastic stuff. I have struggled with internet marketing, but I got some really excellent strategies that is going to really help me in my business, so I thoroughly recommend her workshops. Today has been fantastic, and I know she’s going to give more workshops in the future, and I highly recommend you come to these events. Thanks.
3300kpsqtp-3-default-splashHi how’s you doing – Alvin here, Its been the first workshop I’ve ever been to and I’ve learned more today than over three months being online, I recommend Sarah’s workshop highly, Its brilliant and easy to learn. I’m eager to implement what I learned today. Cheers.
2300kpsqtp-3-default-splashI’ve been to Sarah Staar’s workshop on how to make $200 a day. It’s jam-packed with lots of information. I really enjoyed it. I’m so glad I found it, because I’ve attended an internet booth-camp for five days which cost so much more money, but I got very little out of it. Sarah’s one day workshop for much less gave me much-much more. It’s very much value for money, it’s actually much more, and I love the fact that she gave so many bonuses, so I’m 100% recommending it to people.
1300kpsqtp-3-default-splashI’m here at Sarah Staars $200 a day course – a one day course. I have to say; it has been absolutely packed, and Sarah has given fantastic content, and a lot of it had to do with how to make money through review sites, and it’s been really-really good, with squeeze pages and bring traffic through backlinks and all that stuff, It’s been absolutely excellent. You should listen to Sarah. It’s been fantastic. Thank you very much!


30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of buying $200 Day Workshop with Sarah Staar, we will refund your money. NOTHING could be more fair than that!